April 13, 2004

Marines' Helping Hand

I'm stealing this link from Dean Esmay. But, just in case the five people who read this blog regularly haven't heard of it yet, make a point of visiting these people.

The Spirit of America non-profit group "enable[s] American military, Foreign Service and reconstruction personnel to submit requests for goods that will help local people. Typically, the requests are for items that established aid organizations and government bureaucracies are not designed to handle."

Whether you think BushLied(tm), or Dubya is the greatest thing to come out of Texas since Sam Houston, this is a worthy endeavor.

Surely we can all agree that the United States has a unique opportunity to make a difference in Iraq, and this group provides a way for all citizens to help.

If nothing else, it avoids bureaucratic SNAFU by listening to the "boots on the ground," and their ideas on how to contribute to people's lives.

Like the old songs say: "you can make a difference."

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