February 12, 2005

Warriors and Soldiers

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Anyway, speaking of "Argghhh!," I'd like to welcome John of Argghhh! to my bloglist, and thank him for the reciprocity. If you haven't visted the Castle, check out his Gun P0rn, or this post, about a visiting moonbat with more (self-proclaimed) balls than brains.

Apparently Jeremiah is not familiar with professional soldiers. That's the catch, of course. Warriors are quite different from soldiers. And if you go back in history, you'll find the most dangerous, and consistently successfuly professionals were the Roman citizen-soldiers. Our men and women in uniform are their spiritual and operational descendants.

One of the key indicators of serious professionals is that they're, well, serious about what they do. They avoid the "slam/bang," "gee whiz" excitement that winds up the warriors. In fact if (again) you check the historical records, in WW2 the Germans found American advances rather unnerving. The Brits played music as they attacked, the French cheered, and so on. But the Amis just marched in a silent, cold resolve.

One of Jeremiah's slurs against American troops is that they are cowards because they can, and do habitually unleash artillery support which has demonstrated a bowel-loosening* accuracy and volume for over seventy years. No sane soldier wants to be on the recieving end of American artillery; not even the "hadjis" in Iraq. You'll notice they've been sticking with IEDs.

This complaint is nothing new. Even the vaunted Wehrmacht complained about the "unfair" artillery advantage they Amis had. It was, of course, unfair only to the extent that they couldn't return the favor...

But -you see- that's the difference between a warrior and a soldier. A warrior engages in war for the buzz, or the excitement. For him, it's fun.

A soldier, on the other hand has a rather more serious point of view. War is his profession. His motto is "heads, I win, tails, you lose." Or -to quote an anonymous wise man- "It's easier to expend material in combat than to fill out the forms for Graves Registration."

Better yet, I'll quote George Patton, one of the few American generals of whom the Germans were quite afraid:

Now, I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.

*for the other side, anyway. :)

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