December 11, 2005

Christmas for the guys overseas

Just dropped by Castle Arrgggh!!!, and read that John had gotten a note from Deb over at Marine Corps Moms (which -if you haven't yet- should add to your booksmarks right now).

Apparently Deb has run into some last-minute glitches for Operation Santa this year:

We're wrapping up Operation Santa for this year - over 12,000 stocking mailed so far - but we just got the following request:

The problem is we have some units in Afghanistan and Iraq that will not receive their MWR dollars in time to plan a Christmas holiday for the troops.

Don't have an exact number of troops, and the Master Sgt that e-mailed
me from Afgan (whom I know personally) has not been able to re-email me since.

But if some stockings could be sent to their unit commander that would really help. Please let me know for sure though so I can tell them to expect something. Thank you again, and bless you both for all you are doing for our service members and their families.

I'll be working this weekend to fill this request - if you'd like to donate to help with the cost of filling an additional 217 stockings, hit the PayPal donation button here or on the Marine Corps Family Foundation site (be sure to note that it will be for the 1107th AVCRAD effort).

I really don't have that much extra money right now (forget Christmas shopping, I'm just saving up to fix the exhaust on my car), but I think I scrape a bit together for those guys. Lord knows they're working harder, and risking more than I am right now.

I'll repeat the above from Deb: be sure to note that it will be for the 1107th AVCRAD effort.

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Just an update and a HUGE thanks for the link. I wrapped and stuffed boxes like a madwoman all weekend and everything has been mailed. Thanks to the generosity of you and your audience, the soldiers of the 1107th will have a much merrier Christmas. I shipped what seemed like a ton of stuff (more like 400 pounds). Glad to have it out of my living room and on its way to Iraq and Afghanistan. Thanks again.


Posted by: Deb at December 14, 2005 4:32 AM