March 2, 2007

Ann Coulter stars in Jackass 3

I used to enjoy at least some of Ann Coulter's work. When she kept out of the gutter she could be inventively witty and genuinely funny.

Alas, she has become more and more hatefully unpleasant.

The most recent incident (courtesy of Captain Ed) involves calling John Edwards a faggot.

I'd say something about John Edwards, but if you use the word 'faggot', you have to go to rehab.

That's bad enough. What's worse is that many in the audience actually applauded her! In fact a couple of commenters on Captain Ed's post tried to defend her. Sheesh. Thank God there are classy conservative folks like Ed who are willing to call Ms. Coulter out on her hateful remarks.

This is the sort of vicious, mindless drivel that convinces the rest of the world that conservative Republicans really are a bunch of mindless homophobes, no matter the reality. I think the Human Rights Campaign has it about right when Joe Solomonese said

We demand that every single Presidential candidate in attendance at this conference, along with Vice President Cheney stand up and publicly condemn this type of gutter-style politics,” continued Solmonese. “If not, then their silence will be deafening to the vast majority of Americans who believe this type of language belongs no where near the discussions about the future of our country.”

...Michelle Malkin is also disgusted, and recalls last year's Ann Coulter on "ragheads."

This is exactly the kind of crap which can drive independents such as myself away from Republican candidates. I've known and worked with gays/lesbians for over thirty years in local music, theater, and other areas, and (here in the midwest) they're pretty much like straights. It's just that their compass points in a different direction. One lesbian couple I know own a home, and want nothing more than to get married and raise a kid. How Republican is that!?

Sorry, Annie; you have now been officially defined an Idiotarian by the Gantry Launchpad Mission Control.

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