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January 27, 2004


Man, Dean rules. He is my hero.

Let's get busy!

Well, now that we finally got the blog functioning, the fun part begins: tweaking the little bugger!

This is gonna be fun... (rubbing hands together)

By the way, a huge hat-tip, and THANKS to the inestimable Dean Esmay for helping me trouble-shoot the setup. The moral is, click on the right buttons! Heh.

Yes, Dean has dragged another lost soul into the MT collective.

UPDATE: I'm not happy with the current stylesheet. Definitely on the "to do" list.

It's all about me

It's traditional, I suppose, to start one of these puppies with a long, rambling monolog all about the genius behind the weblog, but Dean has his own site already. Heh.

Ok, about me: who am I to flout tradition? With no more ado, What About Casey?

I'm single, male, and have finally (December, 2003) gotten my Bachelor of Science degree from Miami University at the grand old age of 44.

Politically, I'm a mongrel. I'm for strong personal rights like private property, the right to carry and bear arms, and the Feds to keep their damn noses to themselves. I'm for vigorous R&D in science, including genetic research; the possibilities are nearly limitless. I think that we -people, not just government astronauts- should move into space as quickly as possible, and that private initiative is one of the major forces behind America's prosperity. If I had to pick a prime virtue, it would be liberty; that -as Jerry Pournelle says- we were born free.

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January 28, 2004

So, maybe Dean isn't so far back after all

I've been busy all day (and I mean busy, from 5:30am on), so I totally zoned out about the New Hampshire primary.

I just checked out CNN, and -big surprise- Kerry came out on top with 39% of the vote. Dean was #2 at 26%, with Clark and Edwards at a misirable 12% each.

Now, here's the wierd thing; according to CNN, Dean is in the lead on the number of delegates.

Apparently the good doctor has been picking up the odd unpledged delegate here and there, so he's still on top of Kerry* 113 to 94 right now.

This is almost as much fun as Fantasy Football!

*Yes, that is a scary mental picture for me, too.

January 29, 2004

Uh, oh! Vertigo!

I wear contacts. And sometimes, when I take them out at night, and I'm tired, I don't pay close enough attention to the lids: "L" & "R".

So the next morning -today for example- I put them back in, walk into the hall, and say "whoa, THAT'S not right!!"

Instant vertigo. Not a good thing.

You have made me very angry!

For those who haven't been following the Mars probes, Spirit has pretty much stopped working.

But -as always- NASA is on the job troubleshooting the problem, and may have found it.

January 30, 2004


Y'know what's really good?

Beer and chocolate! Especially dark chocolate. Yummy!

What's your favorite?

January 31, 2004

Bush seeks out new strategies

Is the president rethinking his campaign strategies? Perhaps:

ScrappleFace: Bush Turns to Clinton for Election Advice

Exploding Whale

A marine biologist in Taiwan was transporting a beached whale cacass to National Cheng Kung University in Tainan City when it exploded.

According to Wang Chien-ping, a professor of marine biology at the university, this was the largest beached whale on record in Taiwan.

Yet another metaphor for the Dean campaign... Heh.

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