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November 1, 2004

And now, Steve Gardner

Dean Esmay has done a magnificent job of interviewing several Swift Boat vets, and now he presents #3, Steve Gardner, gunner's mate on PCF 44. The boat that John Kerry commanded in Vietnam.

This stuff is "must" reading for anyone, Democrat, Republican, or Independant, who is honestly curious about Kerry's history, and the men who saw him in action.

While you're over there, check out his other interviews:
Van Odell
George Elliot

After you're done reading, tell everyone you know...

November 3, 2004

I'm callin' it...

Ok, it's time to crash for the evening.

With 97% of the votes counted, Bush is showing at least a 120,000 vote edge.

And yes, I know, there's a lot of absentee ballots that have to be cast. I'll bet you money they're mostly military personel, and we all know how that's going to break.

Seriously, the absentees would have to break at 75/25 for Kerry (maybe more) for him to win. It's over. And someone tell idiot Mary Beth Cahill to shut up, and leave!

I'm callin' it 286-251, in favor of Bush. If you want to see my breakdown, check out the extended post below.

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November 5, 2004

Man, I hate upgrades!

From a friend:

I'm currently running the latest version of GirlFriend and I have been having some problems lately. I have been running the same version of DrinkingBuddies 1.0 forever as my primary application, and all the Girlfriend releases I have tried have always conflicted with it. I hear that Drinking Buddies runs fine as long as Girlfriend is ran in background mode and the sound is turned off.

Unfortunately, I can't find the switch to turn the sound off. Therefore, I have to run both of them separately. Girlfriend also seems to have a problem coexisting with my Golf program, often trying to abort Golf with some form of timing incompatibilities.

I probably should have stayed with Girlfriend 1.0, but I thought I might see better performance from GirlFriend 2.0. After months of conflicts and other problems, I consulted a friend who has had experience with Girlfriend 2.0. He said I probably didn't have enough cache to run Girlfriend 2.0 and eventually it would require a Token Ring to run properly. He was right, as soon as I purged my cache, and realized that no one in their right mind is installing new token rings, Girlfriend 2.0 uninstalled itself.

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Circle Flies

With a tip o' the hat to Sgt. Hook (soon to be Sergeant Major Hook):

A cowboy in Montana got pulled over by a State Trooper for speeding. The trooper started to lecture the cowboy about his speeding, and in general began to throw his weight around to try to make the cowboy feel uncomfortable. Finally, the trooper got around to writing out the ticket. As he was doing that, he kept swatting at some flies that were buzzing around his head.

The cowboy said, “Having some problem with Circle flies there, are ya?”

The trooper stopped writing the ticket and said, “Well yeah, if that’s what they are. I never heard of Circle flies.”

So the cowboy says, “Well, circle flies are common on ranches. See, they’re called circle flies because they’re almost always found circling around the back end of a horse.”

The trooper says, “Oh,” and goes back to writing the ticket. Then after a minute, he stops and says, “Are you trying to call me a horse’s ass?”

The cowboy says, “Oh no, officer. I have too much respect for law enforcement and police officers to even think about calling you a horse’s ass.”

The trooper says, “Well that’s a good thing,” and goes back to writing the ticket.

After a long pause, the cowboy says, “Hard to fool them flies though.”

November 11, 2004

I'm in pain

This is truly excruciating. I've lost all web access from the house. Arrgh.

Right now I'm blogging from the Fairfield Lane Public Library. It's a lovely place, really. This reminds me I should post some photos of the library, and the adjacent fine arts building they're finishing now.

In any case, I'm limited to 45 minutes/logon, although one librarian hinted that special circumstances might persuade them to extend that. (note to self: look into that)

So blogging may be limited the next few days. Neither I nor Time-Warner is sure how long it will take to get my service back. I might even blog about it. So far the RoadRunner folks have been working hard to take care of me.

November 22, 2004

Who is the enemy in Colgne?

Dean has written short, strong article about the recent demonstration in Cologne.

Some observations:

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