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February 12, 2005

Warriors and Soldiers

Aargh. Must blog more, stay up all night staring at the walls less.

Anyway, speaking of "Argghhh!," I'd like to welcome John of Argghhh! to my bloglist, and thank him for the reciprocity. If you haven't visted the Castle, check out his Gun P0rn, or this post, about a visiting moonbat with more (self-proclaimed) balls than brains.

Apparently Jeremiah is not familiar with professional soldiers. That's the catch, of course. Warriors are quite different from soldiers. And if you go back in history, you'll find the most dangerous, and consistently successfuly professionals were the Roman citizen-soldiers. Our men and women in uniform are their spiritual and operational descendants.

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Is turnabout fair play?

Another bloglist newcomer (for me) is Gay Orbit, where you can "discover your inner homo." Heh.

In this particular post, Michael Demmons asks "Ahmmm, again, why is it judicial activism when gays and lesbians use the courts, but not when conservatives use the courts?"

Well, that's a good question.

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February 18, 2005

Time to snuggle in...

It seems that the littlest Esmay, Drake, has come down with a case of pneumonia. That's got be pretty tough when yer 5 weeks old.

So drop by Deans's World, and offer them your prayers and good hopes.

Take care, Y'all...

I am not an animal! I am a Democrat, and a human being!

(with apologies to The Elephant Man)

I was just catching up over at Dean's World, when I caught a post by Michael Demmons announcing that Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter has Hodgkin's disease.

Now Michael -who wishes well for the Senator, as should we all- remarked that 'There are going to be people on the extreme right who will salivate over this - just as people on the far left get giddy when life throws curves to their "enemies."'

This bothered one conservative regular, who felt that conservatives had been insulted. Apparently he missed the adjective far in the phrase "far right." :) Micheal, in reply, suggested a quick check to see what the freepers (regulars on the Free Republic blog) had to say about Specter's illness, and I decided to take him up on it.

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Captain, the scanners show something...

Two NASA scientists, Carol Stoker and Larry Lemke, believe that they have found strong evidence of life on Mars.

Stroker and Lemke -both working in NASAç—´ Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, say they have found methane signatures and other indicators which parallel results found in certain underground caves on earth.

NASA researchers (including Stroker) went to the Rio Tinto in southwestern Spain in 2003 to study an underground microbial system wherein the organisms eat sulfide minerals and excrete sulfuric acid. This makes the water of the Tinto highly acid, which in turn causes iron to be dissolved into that water, giving it a reddish color, like a red wine. Hence the name Tinto.

The above linked article does not say whether the Rio Tinto organisms are anaerobic, or capable of living without oxygen, but the researchers feel that something similar may exist on Mars in underground caves. Evidence to support their case comes from several sources, including this March 2004 discovery of an iron-bearing mineral called jarosite by Mars rover Opportunity, which might indicate the existence of something similar to the Rio Tinto organisms.

Puppy-blender Glenn Reynolds observes that "If it's not green-skinned alien babes -- preferably with White House press passes -- the Big Media folks probably don't care much."

Well, that would certainly get my attention, yes.

Ahhh, much better!

A (belated) welcome home to Greyhawk, and all of the servicemen and women recently returned.

And for those still there: Godspeed. We're praying for you.

February 24, 2005


...which refers to the following link, as well as my disrepect in not linking to Lisa for forever and a day!

Anway. Lisa, who is a real pro with the sticky web-stuff, brings up a vulnerability which affects just about every engine except Internet Explorer. Go figgre.

And here I thought Open Software was invulnerable. Looks like someone dug up some Kryptonite...

Now. Before some MS-vocates start spewing bilge 'bout how "everyone's vulnerable"*, I'd like to point out that Firefox/Mozilla is still safer, and more stable, than IE. And that Firefox/Mozilla will likely retain that laurel for rather a while.

But (as the great captain says) "Don't get cocky, kid!" Firefox/Mozilla users should keep an ear peeled for odd chances such as this. Maybe they should add an exploits link to their homepage?

Food for thought...

*Suggested new MS ad: "Hey, the Other Guys suck too!tm!!"

February 27, 2005

Just checking, run along now...

Just helping out Greyhawk with trackbacks while he tests some stuff at Mudville...

One of the issues he's facing is load-times for dailup readers. Me, I can't comment on that, since I have a five megabit/sec connection thru RoadRunner these days. Muhahahaha... :)

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