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June 9, 2006

Witch calling the cauldron black

Scott Kirwin manages to generate some light and heat over Ann Coulter's latest faux pas, when she disrespected the so-called "Witches of East Brunswick."

First, let me address the bottom-feeders who think it's funny to disrespect Ms. Coulter for her appearance: you are vile, superficial slugs. Cracking on someone's appearance has nothing to do with their argument, and that's the way I've always fought my (rhetorical) battles. Except for Micheal Moore. So, I'm not perfect...

The people who talk about Ann's height, "skinny ass," or imply that she's "really a man" (or in drag) are just as crass, superficial, and cruel as the people who crack on Condi Rice's color, teeth, "big nose," or other features just because they don't like her politics.

Those creatures -whether left or right- who have nothing better to criticize are some of the worst kind of bottom-feeders around. Why? Because their very arguments demonstrate their complete intellectual and moral bankruptcy. If the best you can come up with is cracking on how someone looks, how they talk or who they fuck; you ain't got nothin' to say to me.

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June 18, 2006

One of God's producers

Jim Baen has been editing/producing excellent general SF and military SF for over twenty years, including Jerry Pournelle's series of anthologies; There Will Be War.

Today I found out (via Laughing Wolf at Blackfive) that Jim Baen has suffered a stroke.

I can't tell you how many truly excellent books I've read with which Jim Baen was involved. And even if you don't have a soft spot in your heart for the jarheads, squids, zoomies, and ground-pounders out there (and their stories), you should direct your attention to the work Baen has performed during his part of the DRM battle. To wit, the Baen Free Library.

Let us keep Jim Baen (and family) in our prayers.

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