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December 2, 2010

A bit of a bleg

UPDATE: I published a new post to the effect that some very generous people have made a great difference, and that I'm no longer in dire straits. I'm in debt & behind on things, but now I can stagger on. Apparently visitors are coming directly to this post, so they don't see the later one.

I want to reiterate that I am deeply grateful to those who responded, but for anyone newly visiting this post, you don't need to send anything. I don't doubt there's someone else around who could also benefit from your great hearts.

Thank you all, and Merry Christmas.

It's never pleasant to admit you're in the hole with no way out. For that matter, it's even less so being there.

That said, my situation is this: out of work, can't find work, water utilities are cut off, and electricity issue on the horizon. Don't even want to talk about rent.

I'm looking at nearly $200 just to get the water back on, what with penalties and reconnection fees, and nearly the same to keep the electric service on.

If anyone has even a few dollars to drop into the "tip jar" (PayPal button) on my main page (to the left, under the links to Rick Rescorla, and Day by Day), it would be a tremendous help, until I can get back to work.

Better yet, if you can point me to work in the northern Cincinnati/southern Hamilton area, drop me a line.

Thanks, in advance, to those who respond; most especially to John Donovan over at Castle Argghhh!, for the help he has given.

December 3, 2010

Now, I'm thankful.

Anyone who read my last post would understand why I didn't feel very thankful for anything about a week ago. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

I have been astonished by the kindness and generosity directed at me the last 24 hours. I even received a contribution from Australia, and one from Canada. You have all been more than generous, and have both my thanks and my gratitude, as I said in my individual replies.

This has been, to me, a bit of a (slightly) early Christmas miracle. Thanks to you wonderful people, I can turn on the water, keep the electric on, and even pay off a month's back rent. I'm still in a hole, but it's much more shallow now. :)

The warmth and sympathy I've encountered last night, and today, well; I don't have the words. Considering the challenge -normally- is to shut me up, that's something.

So thank you, so very, very much, to everyone who was willing to chip in to help out a stranger in need. Please feel free to stop sending contributions now, as I can stagger on, on my own now.

Even if nothing else happens this month, you've already given me a wonderful Christmas. Thank you, again, and God bless every one of you.

December 4, 2010

A bit of an early Christmas

This weekend has unrolled like a badly-written made for TV movie.

Not only have people literally from around the world responded to my request for help (thanks again, everyone!), I just got a job. I do not believe this. No, really, I expect Jimmy Stewart to knock on the door any minute now.

It was the strangest thing. Like many people, I have a Facebook account, and keep track of folks I don't see in person very often. Just the other day I saw a friend had wryly posted on her wall that she hadn't been able to enjoy her Thanksgiving meal, as she couldn't keep anything down; bit of a virus. So I dropped her a line; a bit of "hope you get better soon" note, and as an afterthought asked her if knew anyone who was hiring.

I turns out she's a manager at a local restaurant, and told me to call her the next morning. It was a challenge keeping my hopes down, as I had been disappointed before. I made the call, wherein she asked me to drop by and talk to her kitchen manager. Long story short, I got hired today! Yeah, me. :)

So this weekend has been chock full of minor miracles for me. I'm afraid now that the 25th will seem an anti-climax after all this. I did learn two lessons:

-There are some wonderful people out there, and they're willing to help; try not to lose hope.

-God has a sense of humor, and he really likes messing with my head.

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