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A bit of an early Christmas

This weekend has unrolled like a badly-written made for TV movie.

Not only have people literally from around the world responded to my request for help (thanks again, everyone!), I just got a job. I do not believe this. No, really, I expect Jimmy Stewart to knock on the door any minute now.

It was the strangest thing. Like many people, I have a Facebook account, and keep track of folks I don't see in person very often. Just the other day I saw a friend had wryly posted on her wall that she hadn't been able to enjoy her Thanksgiving meal, as she couldn't keep anything down; bit of a virus. So I dropped her a line; a bit of "hope you get better soon" note, and as an afterthought asked her if knew anyone who was hiring.

I turns out she's a manager at a local restaurant, and told me to call her the next morning. It was a challenge keeping my hopes down, as I had been disappointed before. I made the call, wherein she asked me to drop by and talk to her kitchen manager. Long story short, I got hired today! Yeah, me. :)

So this weekend has been chock full of minor miracles for me. I'm afraid now that the 25th will seem an anti-climax after all this. I did learn two lessons:

-There are some wonderful people out there, and they're willing to help; try not to lose hope.

-God has a sense of humor, and he really likes messing with my head.


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www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawlDyCzzJlN0b [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Amazing, isn't it? And the 25th won't be anticlimactic, I'll wager, because now you will have a little breathing space to be able to think about its true meaning:


God bless you and Merry Christmas!

Nashville Beat

Casey [TypeKey Profile Page]:

NBeat, you may have the right of it. In that case, I look forward to the 25th.

As for your video link I ask you to scan about 6 posts below this one (Christmas 2008). Great minds think alike, no? :)

www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawlDyCzzJlN0b [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Crap! I think I got the idea from you originally! Talk about circular reporting . . .

Nashville Beat

Casey [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Atsa Hokay, Nashville, I forgive you! :)

Now. If we could only get get some other bloggers linking to your post, while I link to them, after you link to me (after linking to them), we could get a rather interesting rat-race going... Heh.

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