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Some people just don't get it.

The Heartland Institute recently put up an electronic billboard comparing AGW proponents with the Unabomber., which quickly caused sparks to fly.

Ms. Laframboise was quite right that the billboard was a terrible idea. The problem is when True Believers tout this sort of bilge as a good argument. Just check out the comments thread on the topic at Watts Up With That?, or Legal Insurrection.

The following started as a comment at Legal Insurrection:

An amazing display of hypocrisy.

Let's whip out the favorite Conservative line "what if the other side did it?" In this case I don't doubt the more fervent conservative commenters would be spitting fury at the evil, slanderous moonbat liberals who always descend to the lowest level, instead of arguing the facts.

Unless one of "our guys" did it, in which case it's "telling the truth," or "speaking truth to power." It's ok then. The irony here is that I know liberal/progressives who reason (if I may misuse the word) exactly the same way, but in the opposite direction.

For those who think that billboard is acceptable, or the "truth," or "fighting fire with fire" (or whatever rationalization you prefer) I suggest you look at that sign again, the look at how Tea Party members behave & speak in public, then look at the Occupy movement.

This crap has "OCCUPY" all over it.

For those who find the above comparison offensive, feel free to provide proof of Tea Party rallies or demonstrations where those present:
-Expressed hate speech in terms of class warfare, or blaming The Joos.
-regularly attacked police officers
-regularly destroyed public or private property
-used urine or feces as weapons

I have no use for the excuse that "they do it too," or that we need to "fight fire with fire," or that using reason & logic is somehow "surrendering" or conceding the argument. It matters not a whit if the proponent is Conservative, Libertarian, Liberal, or Progressive*, this kind of over-the-top slander has no place in our public discourse.

*Communists are, of course, right out.


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