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Well, that was interesting.

Tried to log in for the first time in a long time,and got a gawdawful error message to the effect that the system couldn't find the SQL driver.

I spent several hours chasing my tail, including finally installing putty and WinSCP on this computer, and nothing helped. I finally realized (or remembered) that I could run various .cgi files (script files, not Computer Generated Images) if I knew the full URL, and my login to the domain worked, just couldn't log into the blog.

I ran the "check blog" script to see if I was missing anything, and that told me everything was fine! It even passed my SQL package, so I ran the logon script again to get the error message, to compare.

This time I could log in quite nicely. I know there's at least a couple of you out there nodding your heads sagely, having seen that coming a mile away. Go figure.


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