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January 27, 2004


Man, Dean rules. He is my hero.

Let's get busy!

Well, now that we finally got the blog functioning, the fun part begins: tweaking the little bugger!

This is gonna be fun... (rubbing hands together)

By the way, a huge hat-tip, and THANKS to the inestimable Dean Esmay for helping me trouble-shoot the setup. The moral is, click on the right buttons! Heh.

Yes, Dean has dragged another lost soul into the MT collective.

UPDATE: I'm not happy with the current stylesheet. Definitely on the "to do" list.

February 11, 2004

One Hand Clapping Loudly

Don Sensing, over at One Hand Clapping, has been very busy lately, with topics ranging from The Great Christian Divide to al Qaeda, and why conservatives are "too stupid to hire," according to a Duke University professor.

Check him out.

March 16, 2004

Separated at birth?

A quick "Happy First Anniversary" to the Mudville Gazette, and thanks for the link to these photos:

Well, gyoollllleee!

April 1, 2004

Whatta revoltin' development!

I've been irked, for a while, about how the blogroll javascript works, and how one is charged money if want to divide your blog links in special ways.

Now, today, I can't even get to! Yurk.

Ok, back to manual! I can cut'n'paste with the best of them.

However, if someone notices I'm missing a link that used to be up, please let me know.

April 4, 2004

The Sins of Kos

Dean Esmay has recently weighed in on Kos' comments about the murder of four civilians in Fallujah last week.

Dean, the kind soul that he is, remarks that "Zuniga's human," that he's said things he (Zuniga) now regrets, and observes (reasonably) that we've all done that before. Lord knows I have! :)

The problem is Kos hasn't really shown any remorse for his original comments. In fact, not only did he replace the original post with a milder one (the above link), this later post contains more than a little arrogant swagger.

For some reason I feel that Kos is not truly penitent. But that's just me.

And that's not why I'm posting about the situation now. To my mind nearly every blog that's posted about this (that I've read, anyway) has missed the point. The men that died in Fallujah were former members of the United States armed forces. They, too, served their fellow citizens. They, too, faced sacrifice, pain, hardship, and the very real chance of death in the service of their country.

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April 25, 2004

That's no moon, that's a SPACE STATION!!

Sorry, but I had to use that title. Nothing else can convey the awe, the majesty, and (considering the reference in Twister) the sheer mind-number terror inspired by


AKA Rosemary Esmay, formerly of Dean's World. Welcome to the blogosphere!

Why "formerly"? Because while Rose has been writing on Dean's World for a while, she finally decided her own wings were strong.

Please note that this member of the Royally Dark Side is a registered Republican, and yes shep, I know you think that's redundant! :) But Rose is an equal-opportunity abuser: she'll beat up on anyone if they deserve it.

So if you have a rude sense of humor, and like hot polish women with huge... tracts of land, run over and pay the Queen a visit.

Almost forgot. Her Royal Sinisterity asked for "link love." Here you go, girl!

P.S. I put you in a special place on my sidebar as a "welcome" gift.

April 28, 2004

While you were out...

I may not be posting as much here for a bit, since I'm guest-blogging at the ever-impressive Dean's World.

Drop on by....

April 30, 2004


Great. I just noticed I'm now getting porn spam comments.


Oh, well, time to install that plug-in. :-)

And, YES, mt-blacklist works its potent mojo on evil spambots!!

Urk. Now Lachlan has me doing it; I"m singing She Dropped Da Bomb On Me while I'm despamming the blog... Heh.

May 9, 2004

"SHE" is back!!!

Yes, that sexy, classy, and ever-fascinating blogger Rachel Lucas has returned to the fold.

Oh, damn. How do I celebrate this? The Green Party goober upstairs has already left for the weekend, alas. No one to human-sacrifice now.

Whoopsie. Almost forgot; there's a Gore-ian across the street. Scrump-tidillyumptious! Just let me break out the barbecue sauce... :)

May 15, 2004

Iron Blogger SUPREME

The Queen Of All Evil reigns supreme. She smacked down the puling upstart Ara Rubyan like a red-headed stepchild at K-Mart.

All Hail her (formerly) Red-Headed Highness.

May 30, 2004

Extra Credit

Wow. It's been a week since I posted anything.

This is not good. I won't bore anyone by posting my personal problems, but it's getting pretty hard to work up the gumption to accomplish anything, much less post on the blog.

Anyway, I'm putting this up to announce that Dean has asked me to return as a sem-regular (on weekends, or occasionally exciting topics of immediate interest) poster on his blog, concerning things scientific and/or military.

Hopefully this will get me fired up a bit, so that I post more here. :)

July 14, 2004

Zinging the Dickens

out of Dickens...

I was about to add the lovely and talented Ambra Nykol to my blogroll anyway, when I dropped by her place to double-check the URL for my blogroll.

That's when I found her trenchant comments on The Giants of Literature.

My favorite shot: "There was a moment when I enjoyed Great Expectations. The end." Ouch! Heh.

Check her work out; it's worth it.

July 30, 2004

One of the best...

Every once in a while I like to point folks to a really good blog. In this case, you should run, not walk over to Sgt. Hook's place, and read his latest post.

His writing qualifies him as the modern-day Ernie Pyle. Check him out.

August 29, 2004

Ohh, a new link!

I see that Greyhawk has opened the floodgates by inviting blogs to submit links so he may considering linking to them...

Since I have read his work for a while now (although I don't comment very often) I'll jump in with both feet.

Consider this, sir, my application for approval. One of my favorite posts is the Fog of War series I put up back in April.

FWIW, at this point I'm still a "slithering reptile" in the ecosystem. :)

August 30, 2004

Decisions, decisions...

It seems the truely lovely and talented Ambra Nykol is stumped on what to name her upcoming new column in Seattle's Seaspot Magazine.

She has narrowed the possibilities down to two: Consider This, or Politickin'.

Since my suggestion has been brusquely dumped into the bit-bucket (sniff....), why not drop by and let her know which one you like? Me, I'm for Consider This, myself.

September 30, 2004


...marches on, for all of us. Sometimes I think, "Damn, it's been three days since you blogged, fool!" Heh.

Ok. Right now I have to say "Happy 23rd Birthday" to the absolutely stunning, and always stylish Ambra Nykol.

Being a true gentleman, I would never point out that she's nearly one-third through her expected life span already; the numbers are even more embarassing for yours truly. :)

But, really, y'all should drop on over there and tell her "Happy Birthday." While you're at it, enjoy her new look, since she's finally started using Real Blogging Softwaretm.

With young'ns like Ambra around, I'm perfectly confident that this country will be in good hands during my grey-haired years. Which, in my case, should be by the next week or two...

Tee hee.

October 12, 2004


In my previous entry, Just what is a diversion, anyway?, I attributed to Dale Eddy a quote which stated that FDR "premptively" declared war on Germany.

It turns out that this is not the case, and I had mis-read Dale's original post.

I've corrected that entry, and my apologies to Dale.

October 15, 2004

"Arf!" says Sandy

I have before quoted and linked to the lovely and talented Ambra Nykol.

There's a reason for that. I mean, she is lovely, and -well...- talented. At least, I wish I were that judicious, balanced, and well-spoken at that age. And I know she's still got me beat on style... ;)

But there's another reason: she's a political/fashion trend-setter.

I mean, who else in the blogosphere could wear a hot pink "Bush" t-shirt, and still look cool?

Yeppers, smart, sexy, sassy, and expressive: that's Ambra... Heh.

November 11, 2004

I'm in pain

This is truly excruciating. I've lost all web access from the house. Arrgh.

Right now I'm blogging from the Fairfield Lane Public Library. It's a lovely place, really. This reminds me I should post some photos of the library, and the adjacent fine arts building they're finishing now.

In any case, I'm limited to 45 minutes/logon, although one librarian hinted that special circumstances might persuade them to extend that. (note to self: look into that)

So blogging may be limited the next few days. Neither I nor Time-Warner is sure how long it will take to get my service back. I might even blog about it. So far the RoadRunner folks have been working hard to take care of me.

January 2, 2005


This is only a test...

UPDATE: Ok, looks like I won't get bitten by the year-end wraparound problem...

January 17, 2005

linky love

Ahhh. I hate the holidays. I hate them cubed when I have the flu for several weeks.

Feh. Enough. Time to start posting again. Right now, some "link love." :)

Dean Esmay has managed to find a way to piss off half of Known Space with one of his iconoclastic positions here, wherein he challenges conventional thought on what really causes AIDS.

VodkaPundit Stephen Green lapses into premature Olde Farte Mode while ruminating on the origin of Twixters, with a bonus link to a delightful Lileks column on Olive Garden in the bargain.

Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters raises a good point while discussing the legitimacy of the upcoming Iraq elections

We managed to muster out a whopping 60.7% of our registered voters nationwide for our election -- and that was the best in over a generation. So far, I don't hear calls that our past nine elections should be invalidated due to their low turnout.
Food for thought... :)

John of Arrrgh! mentions the work his Rotary Club does, including tsunami relief, Polio eradication, and sending school supplies to Iraq. One of his on-the-ground correspondents in Iraq included an adorable picture of some schoolkids saying "thanks."

Finally the always lovely (and talented) Ambra Nykol thinks Governor-theoretically-elect Gregoire is evil. Her reaction to Mr. Gregoire's title as consort-elect of First Gentleman: 'Riiiight. I am so not calling anybody a "First Gentleman".'


January 19, 2005

It's a boy! (but you already knew that)

The Dynamic Duo, Rosemary and Dean are even now having their second baby.

Since they cheated, they already knew it's a boy, and they've named him Draco Malfoy Esmay.

Ok. Just joshing. His real name is Drake. ;)

Godspeed, you two, and let's send our prayers out for them.

Rationality not included

It really should say that on some columns. Honestly. Take this one, for example, in which Michael Demmons blames the pregnancy and abortion rates in America on Republicans, although in a later comment he backtracks in order to place the blame more squarely on the "social conservatives."

The mind boggles...

Naturally, I felt compelled to reply. ;)

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January 20, 2005

Minor update

I forgot to mention a while back that the Smart Cleric -Paul Burgess- went and got hisself a blog of his ver' own!

Worse yet, I didn't update my link so that it pointed to said blog. That's fixed now.

So run on over and give Let the Finder Beware a try; maybe Paul's old Sci-Fi comic book is up your alley. Or perhaps discussions of philsophy a la Camus are your forte. Or maybe you just like hot chicks like Uma Thurmond and her huge hands...


January 21, 2005

Ok, maybe not so dumb

Ok. In this post, I accused Michael Demmons of bad reasoning.

Discussions in the comment thread with Michael cleared things up somewhat. He was commenting on which party -if any- was responsible for abortion rates in the US. Thing is, one of the posts upon which he was commenting linked back to Oliver Willis; someone I avoid reading in the same way I avoid "reality" TV and Ben Affleck policitcal commentary. Hence I didn't read the original posts.

I have to admit that "if you had to blame a party, I would blame Republians" (later changed to "social conservatives") is semantically much different from the absolute statement that Republicans (or "social conservatives") are responsible for the abortion rate, etc.

So I retract the vehement tone of my original post, but stand by the facts presented. Said vehemence was due to percieved bad reasoning, not the social position per se.

Yes, boys and girls, that's one of the things that gets Casey fired up: really bad reasoning. Now you know. :)

January 22, 2005


It seems that John of Arrggg! has become a Mortal Human two days in a row.

I, for one, would like to welcome our new overlord and master...

Heh. Good on ya, John.

January 24, 2005

My first annual...

Thursday, January 27, will mark my first blogiversary. I doubt I'll hit 6,000 visits by then.

But hey, it's been a fun 12 months anyway...

My thanks to those who dropped by, and to those to even commented.

Especial thanks to those who have linked to me, and my BlogDaddy, Dean Esmay.

Here's to the new year!

January 25, 2005


I don't know if it's just the local area (maybe I'm lucky enough to be in a test market), but I just got an email from RoadRunner explaining that they just increased the bandwidth to 5Mbps (megabits/second).

So I trotted over to; a great place to see just how fast your throughput really is.

I tested out at 4683Kpbs (4.68Mbps)! Another way to measure that is 572 KB/sec (Kilobytes/second).

Or, as the web page says "You are running: 84 times faster than 56K and can download 1 megabyte in 1.79 second(s)."


January 27, 2005

My first annual... (revisited)

There's some great people out there. Dean, naturally... :)

Then there's Rocket Jones; someone who I really should link to more often, since rockets are da bomb (metaphorically speaking).

Right now I especially want to thank Annika for some linky love, especially since she's of Danish extraction (what can I say, Nordic women are sexy), and she links to cool airplanes (what can I saysquared, Nordic women who link to airplane photos are really really sexy, heh).

I gotta say, MuNuvians really are the nicest people...

February 12, 2005

Warriors and Soldiers

Aargh. Must blog more, stay up all night staring at the walls less.

Anyway, speaking of "Argghhh!," I'd like to welcome John of Argghhh! to my bloglist, and thank him for the reciprocity. If you haven't visted the Castle, check out his Gun P0rn, or this post, about a visiting moonbat with more (self-proclaimed) balls than brains.

Apparently Jeremiah is not familiar with professional soldiers. That's the catch, of course. Warriors are quite different from soldiers. And if you go back in history, you'll find the most dangerous, and consistently successfuly professionals were the Roman citizen-soldiers. Our men and women in uniform are their spiritual and operational descendants.

Continue reading "Warriors and Soldiers" »

Is turnabout fair play?

Another bloglist newcomer (for me) is Gay Orbit, where you can "discover your inner homo." Heh.

In this particular post, Michael Demmons asks "Ahmmm, again, why is it judicial activism when gays and lesbians use the courts, but not when conservatives use the courts?"

Well, that's a good question.

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February 18, 2005

Ahhh, much better!

A (belated) welcome home to Greyhawk, and all of the servicemen and women recently returned.

And for those still there: Godspeed. We're praying for you.

February 24, 2005


...which refers to the following link, as well as my disrepect in not linking to Lisa for forever and a day!

Anway. Lisa, who is a real pro with the sticky web-stuff, brings up a vulnerability which affects just about every engine except Internet Explorer. Go figgre.

And here I thought Open Software was invulnerable. Looks like someone dug up some Kryptonite...

Now. Before some MS-vocates start spewing bilge 'bout how "everyone's vulnerable"*, I'd like to point out that Firefox/Mozilla is still safer, and more stable, than IE. And that Firefox/Mozilla will likely retain that laurel for rather a while.

But (as the great captain says) "Don't get cocky, kid!" Firefox/Mozilla users should keep an ear peeled for odd chances such as this. Maybe they should add an exploits link to their homepage?

Food for thought...

*Suggested new MS ad: "Hey, the Other Guys suck too!tm!!"

February 27, 2005

Just checking, run along now...

Just helping out Greyhawk with trackbacks while he tests some stuff at Mudville...

One of the issues he's facing is load-times for dailup readers. Me, I can't comment on that, since I have a five megabit/sec connection thru RoadRunner these days. Muhahahaha... :)

March 5, 2005

Happy (punny) Birthday

Well, it's Andrew Cory's birthday as I write this, so drop on over to the thread at Dean's World and wish him happy birthday.

His preferred present would be y'all linking to his blog, Punning Pundit, so why not do that too?

So Happy Birthday, Andrew, and yer on the bloglist here, too, even if you are a squishy, "reality-based" lib'rul. :) Hope you like the wrapping paper I picked out.

March 25, 2005

The new guy

Can't sleep from the anti-flu narcotics in my system (funny, they're supposed to help you sleep), so I'll mention a new guy on the block, who was nice enough leave a kind comment about my blog. :) Besides, Greyhawk has been mentioning him, and he looked interesting.

Why not run on over and visit 365 and a Wake Up, run by a California Army National Guard officer currently in Iraq, who goes by the call thunder6. He writes some good stuff.

Greyhawk recommends this post about checkpoints and journalists. A good choice.

Me, I like his description of ice in desert:

Today a thunderstorm rumbled through Baghdad and showered the FOB with gumball size hail. A couple of the troops armored up and waded into the storm, reveling in the raw display of nature痴 power. The fat frozen raindrops scuttled off the armor plates like miniature billiards, sheathing the troops in the open with what looked like icy halos. It was as surreal an experience as any I had experienced here in Iraq. So much for the desert being as dry as a bone. Iraq has turned out to be a lot different from my expectations, and the differences run far deeper then the climate.

If that doesn't do it for you, try his (rather short) explanation why anyone smart would ever want to be a soldier. His answer:

I spoke from experience, and I spoke from the heart. I told him about the misery of feeling my feet rot in the swamps of Florida during ranger school. I told him about getting stuck in knee deep mud during a blinding deluge in Germany. I talked about having to pull my frozen finger off the trigger while riding through the Balkan winter. I talked about the string of missed birthdays, holidays and weddings I never had the opportunity to celebrate. And I told him about living in the sun stoked furnace that was Kuwait in the summer. I purged all the collective misery of my decade in the service. Having finished my impromptu confession I paused for a long moment, letting SPC Frances absorb the full weight of my response.

As the silence stretched like a teardrop waiting to fall I broke the silence and told him that I would do it all over again. His face contorted into a mask of disbelief, his jaw drooping slightly from the strain of following this verbal about-face. His lips shaped the word 展hy?� but there was no breath to give it voice.

Before answering him I told him about how part of my heart chipped off when I looked into a mass grave in Bosnia. How for days after my dreams were clouded with an image of the very earth opening a yawning pit to engulf the dead, only to choke on their numbers and leave them on the surface half swallowed. I talked about countries where famine and disease left people whose bodies left shadows that gave the illusion you were looking at a photographic negative of a skeleton. About places where the only rule of law was the brutal and unswerving laws of physics and ballistics and the only peace one could hope for was the grave. And the story that did not need telling, the story of our ongoing struggle with insurgents who revel in the misery and deaths they cause our forces and the Iraqis.

As I finished I noticed my mouth was dry and I had to take a long draw of water before continuing. When I slaked my thirst I told SPC Frances to close his eyes and I would tell him why. As he closed his eyes I told him to imagine his young wife, his beautiful infant daughter and the future he wanted for them. He paused a moment and a smile slowly creased his face. As he looked up I caught his eyes and told him a simple truth. I told him that the thin line that separates the two realities isn稚 a line on a map or the signature block on a document filled with hollow proclamations. The dividing line between the two kingdoms is a long line of soldiers. And that is why I知 proud to call myself a soldier. Its not about a lack of options, or the size of my paycheck. Its about what kind of world I want to leave for my children if I am lucky enough to be a father.

The man can write...

UPDATE: Almost forgot. Check out his photo section, too. Great stuff.

May 8, 2005

Words of Wisdom

Someone I've read occasionally, but never linked, recently posted 21 Pieces of Good Advice.

Go there. Read the list, and immerse yourself in the wisdom of Acidman...

No. Really. I'm serious.

Anyone who pisses off Oliver Willis has to be worth reading.

October 8, 2005

Physically spent, and morally bankrupt...

So what do you do, when you add eight whole blogs (out of maybe eight bazillion you really like) to your blogroll?

Do you send some sort of tacky form letter to all eight? Or should you send a personal note?

Or should you just wait for them to check their referral logs and get pissed off?


October 11, 2005

I'm too sexy for my shirt...

In an odd fit of insanity, I submitted a photo to the King of Cotillion competition.

For those of you who don't know, the Cotillion is a collection of sexy, sassy, classy blogger babes. No men allowed! (sorry guys, get your own clubhouse)

The winner gains the title "King of the Cotillon."

In any case, yours truly is in competition with some truly ferocious competition, including the infamous B.C., Imperial Torturer, Jay (Stop the ACLU), and (worst of all) Thunder6 (365 and a Wakeup)!

This could get ugly; wounded egos, tempers flying. And that's just us guys...

Nope. The ladies can't complain they lack choice, this time.

Drop on by, and vote.

October 22, 2005

Can't argue with this...

Over at Chiefly Musing, Nathan developed a rather profound observation.

Go there, and (as they say) read the whole thing.

Thanks to Dean for the link! :)

December 5, 2005

Arrgghhh! got SMASHed

LT. SMASH is happy, and John of Arrgghhh! is glum.

In fact, I bet SMASH is wearing a smile just like Rummy's:
Babes in Uniform 051130-N-2568S-004.jpg

Congratulations to the Navy team for breaking the tie!

December 29, 2005

Le sang nouveau est arrive!

The VodkaPunditerri has yielded a fine new vintage!

And yes, I know I'm mixing my metaphors... {harumph}

A beautiful boy, from beautiful parents. Let's wish good fortune to Preston Davis, which shouldn't be too hard, considering his antecedents.

Good on ya, Stephen and Melissa.

February 10, 2006

Crew Quiz

It seems to have beome a habit of mine to riff off of the Vodkapundit lately. Well, he's a good read... :)

Anyway, he tipped me off to an interesting quiz. I was kinda bummed I didn't score higher for the Falcon, but at least I didn't get stuck in the "happy, happy; joy, joy" world of Star Trek! Heh.

You scored as Serenity (Firefly). You like to live your own way and don't enjoy when anyone but a friend tries to tell you should do different. Now if only the Reavers would quit trying to skin you.

Serenity (Firefly)

SG-1 (Stargate)
Nebuchadnezzar (The Matrix)

Babylon 5 (Babylon 5)

Deep Space Nine (Star Trek)

Millennium Falcon (Star Wars)

Moya (Farscape)

Enterprise D (Star Trek)

Bebop (Cowboy Bebop)

Galactica (Battlestar: Galactica)

FBI's X-Files Division (The X-Files)

Andromeda Ascendant (Andromeda)


Your Ultimate Sci-Fi Profile II: which sci-fi crew would you best fit in? (pics)
created with

April 22, 2006

Hoist the banner...

AFsis mentioned a fun little personality test: the Cowboy-Ninja-Pirate-Knight Test!

My result:

a Knight Captain
You scored 8 Honor, 7 Justice, 4 Adventure, and 4 Individuality!

Some knights follow the orders given them. Some know when to improvise.
The second sort are the ones that grow to power, to become leadeers and
Knight Captains. Your sense of duty, honor and justice speaks that your
name should be amongst their ranks.

Get your squire, your banner, your armor and your sword. You're gonna do just fine

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 46% on Ninjinuity
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 81% on Knightlyness
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 12% on Cowboiosity
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You scored higher than 22% on Piratical Bent
Link: The Cowboy-Ninja-Pirate-Knight Test written by fluffy71 on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

May 15, 2006

Bloglist addition

Just found a nifty new blog called "Out on a limb at Mike"

He's an ex-squid, a current DA, and an author. He also writes well.

Check him out.

May 25, 2006

Let's be nice...

I seem to have accidentally touched a nerve, wherein Baldilocks thinks I am defending that lackwit Jesse MacBeth. This is not the case. I am defending the concept of accuracy; hence the title of this post.

You see, one of the archaic meanings of the word nice is "precise, accurate." We have seen far too many instances of bloggers on both sides of the aisle going off half-cocked, such as the recent excitement about the Karl Rove non-indictment and the Howard Dean non-story.

While the specific statement that MacBeth was never in the Rangers/SF has been established as true, the statement that he "never served in the Army" has not yet been equally established. And, yes, I am being picky. Or nice. But that's exactly how I argue against typical idiotarian ideas: specify that which has been factually established, determine that which has not, and beat them over the head with the difference. Since many of these ideas are assertations or conclusions cloaked as fact, the process can be entertaining. But I digress...

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May 28, 2006

I wanna be a keyboard ranger!

I knew there was something I had forgotten! About a month ago, Captain Ed formed the 101st Fighting Keyboardists as a way to spoof the intellectually bankrupt "chickenhawk" argument put forth by the mentally lightweight.

Spoof? Sarcasm? Ridicule!? Naturally, I joined immediately. :)

And -equally naturally- I forgot to include the 101st blogroll script for a month. Feh.


The deranged Frank J. was -as always- ready to provide one of his infamous FAQs.

Finally, a big tip o' the hat and a hugh THANK YOU to Derek Brigham for designing the logo!

Continue reading "I wanna be a keyboard ranger!" »

check, check...

Jeff over at Protein Wisdom is testing new blogware out, so here's a test trackback.

Blog software on my end: MT v2.65

This is a test. If this were an actual blog-post you would have been directed to the nearest real blog for serious punditry.

This is only a test...

UPDATE: I guess I needed to hand cut'n'paste trackback URL. MT 2.65 (apparently) does not recognize the full URL by itself.

June 9, 2006

Witch calling the cauldron black

Scott Kirwin manages to generate some light and heat over Ann Coulter's latest faux pas, when she disrespected the so-called "Witches of East Brunswick."

First, let me address the bottom-feeders who think it's funny to disrespect Ms. Coulter for her appearance: you are vile, superficial slugs. Cracking on someone's appearance has nothing to do with their argument, and that's the way I've always fought my (rhetorical) battles. Except for Micheal Moore. So, I'm not perfect...

The people who talk about Ann's height, "skinny ass," or imply that she's "really a man" (or in drag) are just as crass, superficial, and cruel as the people who crack on Condi Rice's color, teeth, "big nose," or other features just because they don't like her politics.

Those creatures -whether left or right- who have nothing better to criticize are some of the worst kind of bottom-feeders around. Why? Because their very arguments demonstrate their complete intellectual and moral bankruptcy. If the best you can come up with is cracking on how someone looks, how they talk or who they fuck; you ain't got nothin' to say to me.

Continue reading "Witch calling the cauldron black" »

August 15, 2006

He's back, he's bad

Stephen Green, the Vodkapundit, has been off the radar for a while now. Me, I think he's been hanging out with Jeff Goldstein's l'il armadillo amigo, down in Tiajuana.

But I was wrong; the V-man is back, and better than ever. Metaphorically, anyway.

So drop on by over there and buy the guy a ... healthy non-hunger-strike-threatening Jamba Juice, or something.

November 1, 2006

All new, yet still the same...

Just finished upgrading from Movable Type 2.66 to 3.33 tonight. The first attempt a couple nights ago was pretty hairy, and severely unpleasant.

Let's just say the MT upgrade "documents" leave a lot to be desired... ;)

January 1, 2007

New kid on the block

Ok, technically, he's only new to my bloglist. :) But I ran into Publius Rex over at Dean's
, and decided any local boy who can give me good advice on good beer has well earned a spot on my bloglist!

May 23, 2007

It's like some rite of spring...

Not only has Rachel Lucas returned to the fold, the ever lovely and talented Ambra Nykol has rebooted her own blog.

First up: Presidential Action Figures, and Celebrity Hubris. How can you stay away?

I just can't wait for when the latest fashion faux pas attracts her Simon-like crtical eye...

And Rachel is turning into a real cut-up! {rimshot}

Sometimes I kill myself...

December 18, 2007

Well, here I am

I've been telling myself "Self, you have to get up off of your butt and start writing again!"

Well, I finally listened to me, and here we are. ;) I even have something to blog about. Mozilla v1.71 has been really bugging me for a while; the first time after I turn on the computer and enter a URL, Mozilla just goes librarian-poo and eats up most of the CPU cycles while resolving the DNS. After that it's fine.

Then there's the multimedia files it won't play (but Firefox will quite nicely), the time it takes to save even a single image, the occasional random "Mozilla starts hitting 98% CPU usage" hijinks. Feh. Not to mention the fact that it Just Won't check email until I've sent something to someone else, or specifically told Mozilla to check by clicking on the "Mail and Newsgroups" button. I didn't get email for nearly a week at one point until I realized what was happening.

The Mozilla Foundation has (for me) created in Firefox 2.x an entirely acceptable browser. And, yes, I'm picky. Opera is nice, but they changed too many "default" keystroke commands such as Alt-D for the address bar.

Anyhoo, I used to resist Firefox, as I felt the look & feel was toy-like, and customization seemed limited. This is no longer true. About the only thing missing are the mail/newsgroup settings which have been moved over to the Thunderbird email client. It's true there's a small learning curve. For example, I had to figure out my passwords were no longer in Tools/Password manager as in Mozilla, but are now in Tools/Options/Security instead. But it seems all the important tweaks are there.

Migrating from Mozilla to Firefox and Thunderbird was quite painless as both include import tools. Shortcuts, history, and passwords for Firefox; and not only email/server settings for Thunderbird but the learning rules for the spam heuristics so I don't have to "train" my client all over again. Very nice.

One little detail: I have a question for the more experienced Firefox/Thunderbird users out there. I would like to have some sort of resident system-tray-like utility which regularly checks for mail just like Mozilla used to do. Or will I be forced to click on an icon every time I want to check for mail? My personal preference is for a local daemon to alert me when new mail is available.

UPDATE: for some idiot reason, MT isn't showing anything in the comment pop-up window when you click on "Comments." If you go to the permalink you can enter a comment there. Don't bloody ask me why, but if there's an MT 3.33 guru out there, I'd appreciate knowing. The bloody .cgi script is where it's supposed to be, it has the right bloody permissions now (had to fix that - don't know why as it used to work, but the frame pops up with a blank window. Feh.

April 17, 2008

Slapping Al Gore

Stephen Green is kvetching about the lovely Colorado spring weather, so I thought I would rub it in with a shot from today, here in southwest Ohio.


It's a balmy 73.6 F (according to Weather Underground) as I type this, with a light haze overhead.

I'm having trouble dealing with the Global Warmening up here, but I think I can tough it out...

April 28, 2008

MT 4.x is the devil

After having witnessed MT 4.x consume my blog during an upgrade, and spending the next three FRACKING HOURS trying to restore the original mess, I have succeeded.

I am not, at this point, very happy with Six Apart and Movable Type.

We now return you to your original programming...

August 3, 2008


Ok. I think I've finally gotten this sussed.

One of the reasons I haven't blogged much lately -aside from near-terminal depresssion- is that I just couldn't figure out how to fix the bloody comment system, which has been broken for nearly a year now. Yes, that's sad.

If you go back, (not very far, really, heh) you'll see various tales of horrible encounters, including MT 4.0. Bleh.

I eventually backed up all my posts and comments, the SQL database, then nuked my entire MT directory. The whole thing. The tricky part was remembering the steps in recreating a database. For example, you have to manually add a user to a specific database. That's when I went to bed last night (another hint: don't try this stuff at 2:00am). Got up, and exclaimed "Duhh!" Added self as user to database.

This allowed me to finally log on to the blog and begin to rebuild things. The good news is that the categories and such seem to have been successfully rebuilt. The bad news is that my blog list, original page setup for the Launchpad, and goodies like the 101st Chairborne are gone.

Late evening update

Looks like I spoke too soon, and I've got the 101st Fighting Keyboardists revived. Yay, me! :)

Still need to add Sitemeter, but that can wait. Probably after I track down the fix for IE.

December 25, 2017


Well, that was interesting.

Tried to log in for the first time in a long time,and got a gawdawful error message to the effect that the system couldn't find the SQL driver.

I spent several hours chasing my tail, including finally installing putty and WinSCP on this computer, and nothing helped. I finally realized (or remembered) that I could run various .cgi files (script files, not Computer Generated Images) if I knew the full URL, and my login to the domain worked, just couldn't log into the blog.

I ran the "check blog" script to see if I was missing anything, and that told me everything was fine! It even passed my SQL package, so I ran the logon script again to get the error message, to compare.

This time I could log in quite nicely. I know there's at least a couple of you out there nodding your heads sagely, having seen that coming a mile away. Go figure.

March 4, 2020


Well, that took some work. Been a long time since I logged into the blog and I had forgotten the password!

I scrounged around on the web and found ways to edit the author fields in the database, but since the password was encrypted that didn't help much.

When at the login screen and I clicked on "Forgot my password" I got this "recovery password" prompt. WTF is this!!?

I finally figured out what they were asking for, and remembered where to find it using shell for the website. Had to edit the email field first because I don't have the old account now, but once that was changed I got the new password just fine. And here I am...


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